GW2: The achievement that did not exist

...but I did it anyway.

  As I leveled my character I noticed that seeing dead or downed players on the mini-map was a common occurrence, many of them would die several times on tougher dynamic events and required constant reviving, it was almost a full-time job but I never put much though into it since the XP from reviving them was decent.

  When I reached lvl 30 I found my self in a pretty Silvary town filled NPCs and I took a break to start with dinner preparations, so I left my character in that "safe looking" town and went to the kitchen, little did I know that this little Silvary camp(south of kessex hills) was constantly raided by undead, so to my surprise I was dead when I came back from the kitchen, that was my first death. From that moment I decided to challenge my self to reach max level without dieing, so I deleted that character and restarted from scratch.

  Regardless of my wish to not die, I was not about to just play safe since there is no fun in that, I did however begun to take extra precautions when I had to go AFK. At first I would teleport to safe location but that had a cost, then I remembered that I had a Hall of Monuments Teleportation stone(to access my HoM rewards from GW1) in my bag that would teleport me to a safe instance, I could use it at anytime providing I was not in combat and when I leave the instance I would return to my former location, it was perfect, so from then on I begun using it every time I wanted to go AFK.

  The reason I was able to avoid death can be summed to one word, "dodging". It is the most powerful combat mechanic in the game, it's great to avoid those mean red circles and the nasty 1-shot hits from bosses, however I still see a lot of players ignoring it and just standing there taking the punishment which I assume is the reason for most deaths.

type /deaths to see your death count
  That screen-shot was taken 9 days ago and ever since I got to level 80 tried to get my self killed, first I would farm whole groups of undead, then I tried soloing Veterans eventually I died the next day when I tried to solo 3 veteran NPCs but I did so with a smile, my quest was over...

  I must say that I had a lot of fun doing this achievement even though it was just for personal satisfaction. It reminded me of when I played the old Diablo 2 in hardcore mode, every time my hp bar dropped bellow 30% I could feel my heart ponding against my chest, I even went down a few times during my adventure and I could feel the sweat going down my back when it happened.

  I'm however a bit disappointed that the "lifetime survivor" achievement was not working(and still isn't at this time) as it would clearly be complete by now.

Guild Wars 2 launch

  We were all excited by the GW2 launch, however once the head-start begun it was chaos. I love Guild Wars in all its glory but I have to say it had one of the most problematic launches I have seen, and I have participated a few.

  Some of the problems were to be expected such as login server overload due to sheer amount of players trying to login and reserve their names, other problems however like party members not showing in the map or players in a party not being able to join the same instance, those hit me completely by surprise because in all betas and stress-tests they done previously every feature worked perfectly.

  Like all companies ArenaNet begun doing daily patches which in my books is great, but for some reason players hate them because it stops them from playing for a few minutes, here is a message for those guys out there "they are fixing things the game you are playing, stop being retarded specially when the 'downtimes' are basically 10-15 min once a day".

  The game never stopped being playable and due to the Overflow system players could always play the games even if their server was full plus the downtimes are minimal, so even though they had a rough time I believe it was still a reasonably successful launch.

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