Why i love Samsung!

I have been playing in a Samsung T220 for the last 3 years and it has been a pleasure, great image quality, great aesthetic and the support at least where i live is fast and effective.

Over the course of 3 years i only had to send it for repairs once and not only did they came to pick it up on the very next day they also gave me replacement monitor until i got mine back(about a week after) which was fast anyway.

This week my monitor started displaying some blueish tone on the dark colors, meaning something was starting to fail and i went to check how long i had on my warranty which sadly had expire couple of days ago, it was a chock because i wasn't counting on spending  around 200$ any time soon.

So i sent it to repair anyway hoping it will cost less then a new monitor, as always they came to get my monitor on the next day and 7 days later i got a call early in the morning, it was from the repairing company they noticed the warranty had terminated just a couple of days before, so they contacted Samsung and they agreed in adding the days the monitor was on repair last time(about a week) to the warranty thus making this repair still valid...

Long story short i didn't had to pay for the repairs.
Thank you Samsung!

ISP frustration!

I'm so pissed at my ISP and i'm going to tell you why. I have internet connection at home since the 4th of October so the only net i get is from public places, on October 6 i made contract with a ISP and they said it would take 15 days(yeah that's right) for them to install the fiber optics in my apartment... fine at least i'll have a awesome stable internet connection.

After 15 miserable days i was so looking forward to having internet again and... they didn't show up and i got no calls from their IT department, on the next they i called them and they said something was not right (duuhh) so they asked their IT department to call me when ASAP.

Two days later and still no call so i when to a nearby ISP store, they said the contract was not created correctly and i should talk directly to the same store where i signed it so they can correct it, there i went again to the other store this time i heard another story, according to them everything was done right and the installation should have been done in the 21st, so the store is going contact the IT department and again tell them to call me...

I'm stuck in this loop where no one wants to be blamed and still no internet connection... So that is why i am pissed and why i haven't been online much thus the lack of posts this month.

Orcs Must Die: Review

I have been playing this single-player game named "Orcs Must Die!", well for starts the title is catchy but it doesn't stop there as the main plot is ridiculous has well.
You start as a young misbehaved student that is forced to defend the masters fortress who after countless years of slaying orcs, slips in a blood stain and hits his head thus dying in a ridiculous fashion. To defend the castle you must protect the Rift from waves of feeble-minded orcs. Now this is the interesting part, you can either kill the orcs by shooting them with a crossbow, slashing them with a sword, blowing them with explosive barrels or arrange a set traps to do the work for you.

Simply put the game is a interesting mix of Evil Genius and Tower-Defense with third person shooter gameplay, the only CON about the game is the lack of multi-player, if they had added a way to COOP it would be on the top of my "best games of 2011"... maybe they will add it in an expansion but either way its a good game and its worth the price.

Internet and our life

I have not been online for a long time... ok it was been a little over a week but for a gamer like me it's a life-time, once we get used to the concept of having all the information on the web and online-friends at our fingertips and suddenly lose that connection its like going back to the dark ages, our real life daily routine starts to weight more on our shoulders.
Each person has its own reasons for being online doesn't matter if you are in the gaming community or not, whether you like to search/download new music, learn some new trait, reading world news or just login to your game of choice and play to gain a ego-boost, kill time, to be with your gaming friends or as an escapade from our boring life... to each its own.

For me life has become tedious, i miss the long conversations over Ventrilo with my guild mates while we played or with my friends over Skype, doesn't matter if it was gaming related or not it has become part of my social life.

Most people get attached to something in their life they can't live without, for some its sports, for others is the TV, for teens now-a-days it's a cellphone, i guess for me it's a decent internet connection at home.


I recently found a little game called Bastion from a indie company named SuperGiant Games, it's a single-player action RPG that tells the story of a white-haired kid who survives a cataclysmic event called the Calamity.
The story continues as the kid tries to make the best of the situation in this floating magical world, eventually reaching the Bastion an emergency location where people are supposed to meet and rebuild and it goes on from there...

One interesting and unique feature of this game is the way the story is told, it doesn't have the typical text-quests or cut-scenes instead there is a narrator that provides a fluid yet constant reactive commentary to what happens in the screen which gives and added flavor to the gameplay, it's like reading a book while watching the action happening at the same time

Overall Bastion is a very interesting title definitely worth the rather small price it costs.
As with all things there is no better way to understand it then seeing it, i will leave you with this video showing the first minutes of gameplay... enjoy!

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