Waiting for: Star Wars - The Old Republic

  Despite the constant stream of disappointments I've gotten over the last few years in terms of mmo games, sometimes I still find myself looking up for games like this, as they say, you can't lose faith hm? Anyhow, a resume on the scrapes of info we've gotten so far...

  It's been confirmed to be consisted of two sides, the Republic and the Sith Empire. Each side will have unique classes, available only to that faction, with 4 to a side. Each of these classes will also feature a branching path along their progression, allowing characters to change the fundamental way a class operates. 

Trooper (Spec: Vanguard, Commando)
Smuggler (Spec: Gunslinger, Scoundrel)
Jedi Knight (Spec: Guardian, Sentinel)
Jedi Consular (Spec: Sage, Shadow)  

Sith Empire 
Bounty Hunter (Spec: Powertech, Mercenary)
Sith Warrior(Spec: Juggernaut, Marauder)
Imperial Agent(Spec: Operative, Sniper)
Sith Inquisitor(Spec: Sorcerer, Assassin)

  The players may choose 8(i've read it was 9 though i never saw info on the 9th) races, from what was announced this include the well-known Humans and Twileks, as well as Zabraks and Trandoshans. What effect a given race has on the character as a whole is so far unknown, whether it will be purely cosmetic or not. It's also not clear whether there will be faction restriction to races, although some races, such as the Sith Pureblood, give the impression that they will be...

  There will be about 17 explorable planets from the trademarked Tatooine to the unknown Tython, each supposed to have large playable areas which should be great for both the lone explorers as well as the large pvp guilds.

Space simulation
Contrary to SW:Galaxies this part of the game seems to be very limited, with only a few ships to choose from and with little to no free roaming this appears to be just a glorified way of transportation then an actual feature.

I would imagine that the Star Wars fans should be excited for a new game from this well known franchise as do i, however SW:TOR doesn't seem to be adding lot of improvements to the mmo genre and with big IPs going to be launched in the coming months, one might might start wondering if this game will have what it takes to be a success.

Aion of today - Assault on Balaurea

  I remember being amongst the hype when Aion first launched 2009, it was supposed to rock the foundations of the MMO world. I mean, what new hyped released in the genre isn’t these days?  But Aion like so many others before it fell short to it's advertised potential in the West not because it wasn’t a polished and well-made game, but because it’s pacing and mechanics were aimed towards the Eastern market, despite of voices defending as being otherwise for the Europeans.
  Over the course of the twelve-plus months since it launched NCsoft struggled, with the western and eastern studios trying to make the game what it needs to be to draw more North American and European gamers.

  I resubbed the title upon the new expansion and have been at it for awhile, and feel it’s safe to suggest that Aion is much closer now to the game NCsoft needs it to be than it was at launch.  It’s polished, pretty, and content complete with a much smoother progression that will please most Western gamers looking for an Eastern-influenced fantasy MMO that comes without the mindless mob-grind that it was in the beginning.

  It stills rely a little heavily on repeatable quests to fill in gaps, but new solo dungeons help to get out of the boredom of just grinding.  As it is now, Aion of today is a much better game than it was at launch, but it still won’t be a title to attract the masses.

Guild Wars 2 at GamesCom

 GamesCom is the biggest European game expo and last year Guild Wars 2 was a hit with the fans, now in 2011 they will not disappoint as their booth will be better then ever.
A statement as been released from ArenaNet with information regarding what we can expect this year, and this time we will be able to experience many features never before shown to the public, this includes:
  • 7 of the 8 classes: play with the new engineer class as well as the old ones(thief, guardian, necromancer, ranger, warrior, and elementalist).
  • Charr started zone: play through the new Charr starter zone as well as the Human and Norn starter experience.
  • Underwater experience:  swim and fight in underwater zones and combine your efforts with other player to kill a never before seen boss.
  • New races: play for the first time as the advanced Asura or as the beautiful Sylvani.
  • Character Customization: no more pre-made characters, change your looks as you see fit.
  • PvP: yes for the first time ever we will be able to experience the the Player vs Player combat, and there will also be some exhibition matches GW2 Developers vs Boon Control guild at the ESL stage center.
Since the game is expected to be released before GamesCom 2012 this will be the last chance for Europeans to try the Closest-to-release demo of the game.

Forsaken World: mounted combat!

  A new feature is coming for the Forsaken World players, they will learn the ability to do battle while mounted by completing an epic quest line spread throughout multiple zones.  This epic quest has a minimum level  requirement of 60 and will automatically become available to the player. Once completed, players will gain a temporary mounted combat license., after that it can be renewed by spending vendor points.

  For those that already have a mount do not despair because as it seems it is possible for non-combat mounts to be upgraded in order to to allow mounted combat.

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