Waiting for: Star Wars - The Old Republic

  Despite the constant stream of disappointments I've gotten over the last few years in terms of mmo games, sometimes I still find myself looking up for games like this, as they say, you can't lose faith hm? Anyhow, a resume on the scrapes of info we've gotten so far...

  It's been confirmed to be consisted of two sides, the Republic and the Sith Empire. Each side will have unique classes, available only to that faction, with 4 to a side. Each of these classes will also feature a branching path along their progression, allowing characters to change the fundamental way a class operates. 

Trooper (Spec: Vanguard, Commando)
Smuggler (Spec: Gunslinger, Scoundrel)
Jedi Knight (Spec: Guardian, Sentinel)
Jedi Consular (Spec: Sage, Shadow)  

Sith Empire 
Bounty Hunter (Spec: Powertech, Mercenary)
Sith Warrior(Spec: Juggernaut, Marauder)
Imperial Agent(Spec: Operative, Sniper)
Sith Inquisitor(Spec: Sorcerer, Assassin)

  The players may choose 8(i've read it was 9 though i never saw info on the 9th) races, from what was announced this include the well-known Humans and Twileks, as well as Zabraks and Trandoshans. What effect a given race has on the character as a whole is so far unknown, whether it will be purely cosmetic or not. It's also not clear whether there will be faction restriction to races, although some races, such as the Sith Pureblood, give the impression that they will be...

  There will be about 17 explorable planets from the trademarked Tatooine to the unknown Tython, each supposed to have large playable areas which should be great for both the lone explorers as well as the large pvp guilds.

Space simulation
Contrary to SW:Galaxies this part of the game seems to be very limited, with only a few ships to choose from and with little to no free roaming this appears to be just a glorified way of transportation then an actual feature.

I would imagine that the Star Wars fans should be excited for a new game from this well known franchise as do i, however SW:TOR doesn't seem to be adding lot of improvements to the mmo genre and with big IPs going to be launched in the coming months, one might might start wondering if this game will have what it takes to be a success.


ready to grow said...

I love everything star wars...movies, games, slave leia...

xxobernoobxx said...

I really want to get the game when it comes out. Not much of a star wars fan, but a HUGE MMO fan.

Anonymous said...

Really huge fan here, played SWG over 3 years and wanna see what it comes with the new games, new follower for you!

Still we have to wait, and even more counting on bugs, etc, etc,...

b said...

This game looks awesome! Realy need test it ):

my day in a sentence said...

Games based on movies never end up good. :S
Anyhow, following and supporting, mate! :)

Candle said...

Really nice game!
Star Wars have a lot of great games, incredible!

MacTuffy said...

Looks like a sweet game. I remember I had one game for my N64, the racing game lol

Anonymous said...

I want it....naow!

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