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  Couple of days ago i saw an advertisement for a game called War Inc, at first i dismissed it simply because i have little faith in free games... however after i saw some gameplay footage in youtube i thought i should give it a go, in the end i am glad i did as it is indeed a interesting game.

  Registration is straight forward and very quick after which you are prompted to create a character and spend your first stat point, this is one of the key aspect that i find interesting in the game as you have several unique stats that help you enhance your gameplay according to how you like to play. There is a great number of ways to customize your character from several pieces of armor to a large array of weapons and a few slots used for skills and utility items such as mines and grenades.

  The concept of the game is fairly simple and similar to the Battlefield game but without the vehicles, you start the map on your teams default spawn location and proceed to capture several objectives by simply standing near the capturing flag, once it is claimed it will slowly give the points needed to achieve victory.

   Players have very little health and there is no HP bar other then a visual effect so a well placed grenade or mine will instantly kill you, this adds to the realism effect making your actions and awareness extremely important but you regenerate in seconds, anyway you should avoid open areas and move from cover to cover.

  One interesting thing worthy of note is that unlike most shooter games reloading a half used magazine in War Inc will throw away the remaining bullets, this makes ammunition important but you can always pick up a weapon from the floor.

  Overall the game makes player skill really matter as most fights are decided in a instant but since the respawn timer is short you are constantly getting into the action.
Its fun and its free there is no reason not to try it unless you don't like shooters.


Anonymous said...

looks not toooo bad so i give it a try :)
Watching the trailer right now!

Foxzero said...

the game indeeds looks very good but well i wont say it bad but for a player vs player enviroment if the mode of combat is instant auto respawn is good but if it also has per rounds then is very bad because of the very big map

in the end good or bad mostly depends for the ones that were waiting for this game. aside of that i like how realist in weapon is shown as recoil ammunitions sounds and life as well XD

Magnum said...

This game reminds me a bit of Shellshock Nam '67 - another TPP war game. Even the graphics look a bit 2005 if you know what I mean. Personally, I don't think we can talk about any kind of realism when we mention the facts that this is a war game and also: TPP. Just saying. For me TPP is reserved for games like Hitman, Max Payne, GTA and similar ones.

Cynical720 said...

Looks good, Gonna check it out!

Anonymous said...

May check this one out! seems pretty cool!

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