Guild Wars 2: Beta signup

  Finally the moment the fans have been waiting for has arrived. Starting today Areanet will be receiving applications for beta testers, however this will only last 48 hours so be sure to do it quickly.

  I hope i will be have the honor of being selected for the upcoming beta, as a MMO and more importantly a GW player i am very excited with this news, however since the NDA will still be applied even if i enter the beta i can not talk about it.

  Its a small price to pay in order to gain early access to the game before launch but in the end, Betas are meant for us to help the developers and not for our enjoyment, however that doesn't mean i wont savor every moment of it.


Magnum said...

Apparently, this is 'yet another' game that will try to gain the WoW's players. I'm kinda keeping my fingers crossed, as a bit of competition always helps to make things interesting in the gaming world. Also: I wonder whether this game will require monthly fees. As far as I remember: Guild Wars was the one that didn't require those.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend beta testing this and he says its amazing!! I can't wait to play :)

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