Guild Wars 2: Pre-order

 Great News for the Guild Wars 2 fans, information has been released about the contents of both the Standard and the Collectors Edition of the game. The Pre-Oder according to Areanet will be available starting April 10th, as usual doing so will bring small perks such as:

  • Access: to all beta events
  • Access: 3 days head-start. (start playing 3 days before launch)
  • item: Hero's Band (+2 to all stats)
 Beyond the above you will get the following in-game bonuses if you buy the the Deluxe or Collectors Edition:
  • Unique Elite skill that summons a pet to your aid for a brief duration.
  • A non-combat miniature pet of a known hero(Rytlock) to follow you around in your journey.
  • Limited duration/use items: pet banker(5 days), Glory boost and Influence boost scroll.
 One thing i have to say is that the physical items included in the Collector's Edition is one of the best i have seen offered in any game in the past, it just shows the quality and commitment that have been placed in making Guild Wars 2.

 The game cost varies slightly depending on which retailer you get it from but it will be around $150 for the massive collectors edition, $80 for the Digital Deluxe and $60 for the Digital Standard.

 On a personal note i feel that the prices are more than acceptable for a one-time-fee game, however i dislike that they are giving limited duration/use items with the Deluxe Edition as i would rather have something unique and everlasting.


Aku_Maria said...

Indeed, my guild mates have been complaining about this too---the in-game items are rather disappointing compared to the CE physical edition ;_;

That Bastard From Bellingham said...

I never really got into Guild Wars m'self, but I must admit it DOES look like fun in the very least.

Now all I need is a computer that can run such games. :3 And like you said, for the cash you're puttin' out something that lasts WOULD be cooler, y'know?

Ahhh, memories of FFXI...

Sloppybroom said...

That is a pretty cool set. I paid extra to get a subzero and Scorpion shelf display which is awesome as all HELL! Subzero has the chain going through his chest. Get over here! But never played this game, I'm just glad to see all the extras for people buying games that are fans of them. it's like a thank you for spending so much money on our stuff, here's some swag!

Magnum said...

150$? Not so bad! Diablo III Collector's Edition packs were so rare where I live that the final price reached 400$ a piece! Now that's expensive.

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