Aion is going Free-To-Play!

  After 2 years in the European and North American market(3 years since the Asian release) with a subscription model, it is now going to use a mix of both free-to-play and subscription.

  There will be 3 payment models now:
  • Starter: this one is the most basic with limited amount of character slots, chat, trading.
  • Veteran: basic for old players and upgradable for Starter players, they can play the regular game with no limitations.
  • Gold: this is the subscription model which gives significantly lower instance cooldowns, several xp and reward bonus.
  This also brings a bigger change, NCsoft will no longer publish Aion in Europe instead this honor will be bestowed to GameForge the leading European publisher of free to play online games that brings us well known titles such as Metin, OGame and 4story.

  Hopefully this change will bring to this game what any MMO needs to have... a larger player-base.
  Have you played Aion in the past? Will this change make you try it again?


Michael Westside said...

I've never even heard of Aion

Anonymous said...

GReat news!

escapist said...

I've never played Aion - but then again, I rarely play any game at all. Gotta start soon though >.>

Magnum said...

I haven't played Aion either, but reading about this systems makes me sick: how can you pay for having easier gameplay - more XP, easier fights, etc.? It just ruins a very important point of MMO gaming: fun from competition between players.

Cynical720 said...

Great! I have an old toon, 34 Sorcerer on their. This might make me go back!

Etaron said...

Sounds cool ! Will have to check this out when I have the time

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