Aion: closed beta journey

 Aion did a step back, it reverted to beta stage due to the change of publisher in Europe and to the migration of their model from subscription to free-to-play. I was never a fan of the new European publisher (GameForge), in fact, i hate every single game they have but that's mostly because of their choice of games,  not their quality of service.

 Anyway... I got my hand on a beta key and I have been playing Aion for 2 day now. So far I can testify the stability of the server, but then again this is a closed beta so the number of players around is only a fraction of what it will be on relaunch, hopefully they will have this covered by then.

 I had however some problems with GameForge's new game launcher. While downloading the game it consistently stopped at 19% annoying the living hell out of me. The error was always the same and prompted me to check my firewall and ISP because it could not access the file for download. Here's a crazy idea, if it was a firewall/ISP problem I wouldn't have the first 19% downloaded now would I? The worst part was that after restarting the download, it had to recheck the integrity of all the files which takes some time, so I just stopped trying.

  Later that day I decided to give it another shot and it no longer gave the error... I guess it wasn't my problem after all *rolleyes*... however, the launcher would occasionally stop downloading from the server and only use torrent connections, meaning it would just sit there uploading with little to no download. So I had to go to the preferences and disable the torrent mode(and restart the launcher... again), everything went fine from that point on.

 About the game itself, little is new for me so far because I played the game back on the original launch, they are going to add some late game content soon with the 3.0 major patch, not sure if it will be implemented with the relaunch but it will be sometime around that date.

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Sloppybroom said...

Got to love beta's. But that's what we pay in order to play the game for free before anyone else.

Aku_Maria said...

I heard you get some special status for playing this beta when the game re-releases....better then nothing I suppose considering some ppl will be replaying

Anonymous said...

I'm also stuck at 19%... It's been 2 days! Do you have any suggestions?

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