Restaurant City

Restaurant City(RC) is a social network game made to play in the browser, all the player needs is a logged in facebook account to connect to the App and start playing.

What is it about?

The player owns a small restaurant that levels up with GP(Gourmet Points) similar to experience in other games, it's gained by leveling recipes, opening a restaurant shift and serving dishes and other mini tasks(such as picking up garbage). As we level, our restaurant expands in size and we also gain access to more items in the in-game shop, a bigger menu to serve more dishes and a bigger staff.

Sadly, this is not how your restaurant becomes, but you can try! ("Winter Resort" Design by Gekkertjuh)

What is there to do?

RC has a slow start because in the beginning, the players don't have many items/coins/ingredients to do much with, luckily thats where the very nice and generous forum players come in to give you a boost, I'm not kidding when I say the community made a simple browser game's experience that much better :)
   Now back to basics, we make coins(in-game money) and GP(Gourmet Points) by opening the restaurant to customers (shifts) and serving dishes, with the coins a player can buy ingredients in the Market Stall or items in the game shop to decorate. Lastly we have the ingredients, these naturally serve to level up your recipes and you can get them by completing daily tasks such as logging in, opening neighbor crates etc...
    As you play and gain these things, you can also start decorating your restaurant...which is a major feature of the game and I admit to be impressed with what some creative people in the forums can do with a empty layout and items.

Weekly updates and Cash Shop

One of the fun things in this game is their weekly update, each comes with a new theme, new items and additional challenges to keep players entertained and things to do. I will post pictures on some of the themes I liked. Lastly to those who really come to like RC, they might be willing to spend money on cash credits...the currency in-game used to buy items listed in the cash shop or ingredients that are harder to find.




RC is running on its 3rd year since launch and it's well setup, for a browser game it's much more detailed, polished and has a great look to it compared to many others of it's kind...definitely something I would recommend for my readers who like food and decorating to give a try.

I will close this topic with some designs I specially liked and the designers were kind enough to give their consent to be posted here.
"Greek Getaway" - By Willrox97
"Grandiose Cafe" - By Lewisca
"Garden of Pets" - By Valerychef


Anonymous said...

I used to play this game. It's a good game, has many things to keep us busy, I just don't like the graphics. Good review, keep it up.

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