Guild Wars 2 Beta: character creation

 Last weekend was the GW2 "open beta" and everyone was excited about it, I even planned to be extra lazy during that weekend so my desk was filled with energy drinks and my food supply was all easy-cooking stuff.

  The first hours of the beta was a bit rough but from my experience, every time a game opens for the first time to a massive amount of players it is expected to the login server to have problems, as always a lot of people were crying everywhere from forums to facebook/tweeter. So i stopped trying to login since the system was being flooded. About 3-4 hours after the scheduled start, players where no longer spaming the login button so I was able to enter the game without much fuss.

 As I created my first character, the first thing i had to choose was the race. Of the 3 currently available races the Humans were the most appealing, Charr and Norn are not bad but my alter-ego demanded something he could relate with. Humans even though they are a very common race in the MMO genre and tend to be bland, In Guild Wars 2 they are remarkably well done. The amount of facial customization is very good probably even too much for the average gamer, but the "cherry on top of the cake" is how good armor looks on them.

 The last character choices are meant for roleplay and personal story, as a Human Ranger I needed to select which of the 5 gods was I blessed by, my social status(commoner, street rat or noble), my biggest regret("never joining the circus", "never met my parent" or "never found my lost sisters body"), my pet and my main characteristic.

 The god you chose don't change the story in the first 20 levels, however since it's marked in the wiki as part of the personal storyline i chose the goddess of nature as it fits the theme of the Ranger profession, i am guessing it will come into play when we reach lvl 30 which is when we get our first elite skill.

 I must say that I was hoping the pet choice would have a little impact in the Ranger storyline since it is an integral part of the profession, but in the end it feels like it just an annoying npc that follows you around and i felt no connection or empathy toward it.

That's it for today, next part will be focus on gameplay and first impressions... stay tuned!


That Bastard From Bellingham said...

Three...only three races? I always forget that part.

It always weirds me out to see any number under five when it comes to starter races...dunno why. :D

Vague Raconteur said...

It sounds like a blend of normal MMO character creation and single player RPG character creation... interesting.

Anonymous said...

There are 5 Races
The Sylvari and the Asura are just not in the first Beta weekend

Proton said...

I imagine you can get your pet killed, I wouldn't want to be emotionally attached to it...

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