Guild Wars 2: stress test

 Great news for the fans, next Monday(14th of May) the servers will open briefly(about 7 hours) for a "important stress test", only the players who pre-purchase can participate and there are no specifics of what exactly they want us to test, but they said it is possible for us to encounter stability issues.

 Hopefully they are optimizing the graphics engine to spread the load from the CPU to the graphics card, because last beta-weekend I had to set my game to the lowest settings to play in the Mists("world vs world vs world" pvp) due to the amount of players and special effects on the screen.


Magnum said...

I might be missing something, but: what specs do you have? It'd really give us some idea what to expect from GW 2 and its performance. There's nothing worse than buying a game just to find it running choppy on your setup - and waiting for the next patch to offer better optimization.

Michael Westside said...

they should just optimize everything

Siveon said...

My CPU is a Core 2 Duo running at 3.8Ghz (it was 3.1 but i over-clocked it).

Vague Raconteur said...

This PC is crap.. but getting an awesome laptop soon (I know, I know, desktop is more value, but I need the portability)!

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