Guild Wars 2 - Facebook Milestone Art

For those who might have missed this as they don't have a habit on checking Guild Wars 2's facebook page. Back at the end of April there was some promised art for the fans posted on the page at each 10,000 likes: from 450,000 up until the half a million milestone marker.
    Originally the "preferred" goal from Anet was to reach that marker before the end of the GW1 Birthday held at the end of the same month, although the goal was reached with a few days of delay it still kept avid fans eager on each piece of art they would release. I think it's one of the best selling points from Anet is that the artwork for both games were always amazing, players who had the chance to try out the beta will surely know what I mean as they have included their beautiful art in much of the game itself, even more so compared to GW1. Anyway, without further ado do check out the released art piece below.

Eir's Underwater Discovery
For hitting the 460,000 fan milestone, we give you some gorgeous concept art of Eir: "This piece by concept artist Jamie Ro shows the iconic norn heroine Eir Stegalkin making an underwater discovery."
Full-version: Link

Asura Golem art - GW2 artwork at it's best

A massive asura golem boss somewhere in the sun-dappled Maguuma Jungle. Note the tiny asura figure in the foreground, which gives you an idea of the scale of this huge magical construct. This art by Levi Hopkins is used in one of the load screens for asura players.
Full-Version: Link

Mesmer concept art - it's not a wallpaper but amazing all the same

A beautiful mesmer image from our concept artist Jamie Ro.
Full-version: Link

I fully expect to encounter this undead boss as a huge dynamic event at higher levels!

 We've reached our milestone of 490,000 Facebook fans, and we've got some brand-new art for you! Did you find the Shadow Behemoth big and intimidating? This Undead Globster Boss might make him look a little tamer. This early concept art piece by Matthew Barrett depicts a hulking maritime undead boss. Did this monstrosity make it into the final game? You’ll have to play to find out.
Full-sized: Link

They were'nt lying when they said epic - I will be using this as a wallpaper for a long time!

Ding! We've reached 500,000 Facebook followers and have the long-promised epicness for you: Destiny's Edge, together and taking on a foe that you'll find familiar. This is an actual in-game screenshot embellished by Daniel Dociu.
Full-sized: Link


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