Global Agenda: Recursive Colony

  Recursive Colony is the first large expansion of the third person shooter Global Agenda since it became free to play. The theme of this expansion is an invasion of a horde of self-replicating robots that is menacing the player Domes them selves, so it is up to you to stop it reclaim peace within the Domes once again.

   From what i see it adds some new content both for PvE and PvP, some much requested features like the ability to select a new character without disconnecting and some other main features such as:
  • New Open Zone with several instanced missions, quest chains, mid-high level content, and social spaces
  • New enemies – including world bosses and instanced mission bosses
  • Daily Repeatable Quests – for solo agents and teams. Some quests take place in zones, while others send teams into Recursive Colony hive nodes and ruins. These quests include new 4-man defense Raid missions – now available to smaller groups (1-4) at lower levels (20+)
  • New Dyes, Flair, and Trails – rewards for winning missions, completing daily quests, rare bot drops and achievements
  • New Pets – new pets available as rewards and crafted items.
  • New Blueprints – for consumables and mods
  • Easier crafting – components now within the zone, to help with leveling crafting skills
  • New PvP Map – Push Dust will be entering the Merc queue from Beta
  • New PvP Acquisition/CTR Map – Colony Caverns will be entering the Beta Queue
  • Revamped Intro Missions – Tutorials now include class-specific elements to help train new players
  • Some quests now affect the state of the world (example – Brownouts in Dome City…)
  • Ability to transfer between different Open Zone instances (and VR Arena)
  • Open Zone cross-instance chat channels
  • Disconnect to Character Select Screen without re-login
  • Improved Vendor Item Previewing

I will try the new content soon, hope to see you in-game!


Dallv. said...

thats great game bro, i cant wait for download it :D

Michael said...

Sounds cool. Nice blog, by the way, I see you've made a lot of posts about Guild Wars, man, I love that game.

Anonymous said...

Finally switching characters doesn't require a full log-out? Praise the powers to be that FINALLY made them remember to do it...I can finally play it again:p

Anonymous said...

It's a kind of free mmorpg?

GHive said...

It's a free Third Person Shooter with RPG elements!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is really interesting, its a decent third person shoter with RPG elements.

Im going to check this out.

Dallv. said...

i love global agenda, really its the best mmorpg i even played.

Anonymous said...

I Love this game <3

Aku_Maria said...

Still playing it on occasion, too bad it didnt get more popular

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