What is "skill" in the gamers world?

I think most players have of been perverting the idea of "skill" to the point that now it is completely misinterpreted, the true meaning of "skill" is knowing how/when to do a certain action and will it influence the battle in order to achieve the desired outcome(victory).

Most players have forgotten how small action have a big impact in the gameplay and that shows skill, things such as:
  • knowing that you should run out of Range/Line-Of-Sight.
  • recognizing when to destroy an object so your target can not use it to break LOS.
  • knowing that a particular route can be used to attack/flee.
  • correctly place a ground effect such as a firewall in a place where it will be the most effective(specially while in combat).
  • using skills that have bonus when target is in a certain position/state.
  • positioning one self in a fight in order to avoid damage or to benefit from a boost.
Each of these small things seam obvious to most experienced players but it is easy to forget that they are examples of "skill" on their own, obviously doing one or two of them does not make one a "skilled player"... for that we need be able to do all of those and much more, however we should not dismiss the less experienced players who understand how to do them.

Becoming a "skilled player" is a long journey, one that even the best players had to partake as well, so next time you see some one that may not be as good as you instead of ridiculing his efforts, try to encourage him to become a better player... who knows it may very well be a start of a great friendship.


Thought Comics said...

There's also the matter of physical dexterity. being able to proficiently manipulate the controls is a gaming skill too.

Charles Godfrey said...

I never understood what the deal was with making fun of new unskilled players. Everybody was a beginner at some point!

Hento the loony repairman :D said...

many times i have done things online that go against the normal flow of gaming, sometimes i go out and make distraction for the enemy team so that my team can run and get to the objective first(APB reloaded), or do a small chekc ont he situation and look for a better way to face the situation. im not saying i am skilled but i have saved many rounds this way!

Jason said...

A really very interesting read! I hope you keep updating us with more info!

Ryodo said...

Nice one , interesting blog.

crazyneo said...

It varies from game to game, really, but in competitive gaming like Starcraft it's all about organization and thinking on your feet and adapting. Others like Counter-Strike are all about reflexes.

Damon said...

great post

Personman said...

Games vary in types of skill and some require no skill at all. In mmorpg or turn based strategy games, the skill level is probably the most demanding. Fighting games where button mashing is considered "skillful" shouldn't count.

Anonymous said...

yea and in terms of lets say cod, skill isnt just because u can quick scope

Anonymous said...

I wish I was skilled lol

Anonymous said...

So many people nerd rage over this in games, just enjoy it and stfu is what I say!

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