The Secret World

Many might not know this title but it has some strong roots, The Secret World is a new upcoming MMO from the creator of Age of Conan and The Longest Journey. It's purpose is to be distinct from your typical game as its neither futuristic nor it is the usual fantasy type, it in fact takes place in today's modern times but with a slight twist of the occult or has game Director Ragnar Tornquist describes it, "a world of contemporary dark fantasy".

In The Secret World the way players are introduced into the world is unique, you don't start in some remote location killing a few animals for some copper in fact you start the game as a regular person in one of 3 cities(New York, London or Seoul) going about doing typical day-by--day errands, but soon you start to see that some things are wrong and that those old frightening tales that you heard as a child are actually real as you dive into the occult.


One of the most impressive things about this game is that its lore is based in myths that we have all heard about, according to Ragnar Tornquist "it goes back 100 million years" from the Garden of Eden to Pandora's Box or even the Knights Templar.

Other interesting things about the game is that it will feature 3 opposing factions, the Illuminati, the Templars and the Dragon which i will talk about in another post and the lack of the typical experience bar in the character development.

I believe this game will be a breath of fresh air in this overcrowded gaming genre and i am looking forward to checking it in more detail!


|sªMª®µ said...


will play this one for sure :D

crazyneo said...

That's an awesome premise, so tired of the generic "you're a nobleman's son and must fight the invaders" theme on almost all games :)

Anonymous said...

Good backing there, hadn't heard they were making a game like this, thanks for the info man! Can't wait for your updates! +1 and follow

Hento the loony repairman :D said...

the longest journey


i never felt so conected to a game chars and story.. i want zoe again :c please tlel em she is ok T___T

Ryodo said...

Looks fantastic.

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