Anno 2070: A simple guide

 Like the previous Anno titles somethings have not changed, all of them have a steep learning curve and neither of them really give you a good understanding of how things work. This is off putting for most players, specially the younger generation where most of them seem to lack the ability to figure things out for themselves...but i digress...

 Continuing with the topic... when you start a colony a good rule of thumb is to never mix industry with housing nor mixing houses within different factions. Its not because of the pollution nor will they start riots against each other or anything like that which you might have seen in other games, its simply because of space.

A simple city plan
 Houses can only be built near community centers and industry buildings need to be near a storehouse, furthermore different populations have different needs. For example Techs need to be near a Lab while Ecos need to have theater nearby. So if you start mixing things up you will be forcing yourself to add other required buildings within the same area thus reducing your already very limited space.

 One thing you might find helpful if you are low on resources is denying the Ascention Rights in the City Center, all this does is stop houses from automatically upgrading themselves, since upgrading a house costs usually tools and building materials, you may need to allocate them into some industry first specially if you are moving into a fresh island with a single ship and limited resources.

 One thing i found myself curious about was the buildings that have a secondary placement such as a farmhouse. Once you place your farmhouse you are required to build fields around it, the more field you have the better it's efficiency, so the question is "if i put more then the required fields will it get a higher percentage?" It should but that does not happen.

Same plan in city view
 Later in the game when you see that you do not want to expand anymore, some buildings may become useless and others less required. For example in the beginning you will need lots of tools and building materials but once your houses are all set and you are only focusing in building a fleet, it then becomes useless so you can just stop producing all together, lowering your environmental pollution and using that iron for other ventures such as ammunition.

 This was a very basic guide so some people new to this genre know where to begin. This article can be extended to a part 2 depending on the viewers choice, so drop me a line and tell me what you think about this starters guide.


Mr.D said...

The last Anon game was amazing. I'm hoping this one lives up to the legacy

Anonymous said...

Im playing Anno since the first game, one of the greatest games ever. :)

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